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All-You-Need Eye Shadow Palette

Matte? Shimmer? Glitter? We’ve got you!

Featuring 18 high pigmented waterproof colors this palette is all you need to rock all day and all night long!

We can’t say enough good things about this piece of wonderland, try it out and see for yourself! Once you knack, you can’t go back 😉




Copper Kiss – Bulletproof lipstick

Edgy, elegant, luxurious. Our Copper Kiss is for sophisticated souls.


Eye Candy – Bulletproof lipstick

Classy, sweet, timeless. The Eye Candy is the sweat heart from our shades, fits in any circumstance.



Get your claws out with our meow-liner!

Make your cat eyes popping with this amazing long lasting black eyeliner.

Easy to use is just as fool-proof as waterproof!



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Romeo Killer – Bulletproof lipstick

Intense, sexy, bold. Our Romeo Killer is the perfect ride or die.



Snow White Red – Bulletproof lipstick

Bright, classic, flashy. Our Snow White Red is the timeless red lip.